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How to e-Sign an Illustration


Run your illustration based on your client’s needs and preferences.


Once you have the illustration complete, press Review and e-Sign Illustration.

Note: Agent information, as well as client email address, is required prior to selecting the Review and e-Sign button. For juvenile illustrations, an owner is also required. For adult illustrations, you have the option to indicate the owner is different than insured and enter that information, as needed.


A new window will generate with the full, UNSIGNED illustration for you to review with your client. It may take a minute or two to generate, and if you do not see the illustration, ensure that any “pop-up” blockers on your browser are turned off.


Return to the main window, which will now show you that the illustration has been LOCKED.


Click NEXT.


A new page will appear which links to the Terms of Use and eSignature Consent. You must click on the link found in “Review Terms of Use” on this page.


The Terms of Use will open in a new window/tab. Once again, allow some time for this page to generate and if it does not, check you “pop-up” blockers.


After reviewing the terms of use and consent, return to the main tab on your browser, where you were navigating through the previous steps. This page will now show you the client and agent information needed to complete the e-Sign process.


The policy owner and the agent must read and agree to the terms presented on this page, and then check off the box next to their corresponding name.

Note: You cannot email the client to collect a signature on the illustration software. The signatures must be completed through the illustration system.

STEP 10:

After checking the appropriate boxes, you will be able to Apply all e-Signatures and View e-Signed Illustration.

STEP 11:

This will generate a new window/tab with your full, signed and dated illustration. Again, please allow a few moments for the PDF page to generate and if it does not, check your “pop-up” blockers. Your signature page will look like this, with the appropriate agent information, owner information, and date.

STEP 12:

After checking to ensure the illustration design matches the client’s needs and preferences, and that it does indeed have the e-Signatures, save the signed illustration to your computer. It will save as a PDF. Depending on your browser, the process for saving may vary.

For Chrome, you may need to click on the Download button, in the top right-hand corner, or you may need to Print as a PDF to save.

For Firefox, you may need to click on the Download button, in the top right-hand corner, or you may need to Print as a PDF to save.

For Internet Explorer, you may need to click on the Save button, in the center of the page, or you may need to Print as a PDF to save.

How to Unlock or Make Changes to Illustration After Beginning the e-Signature Process

Once the illustration has been locked to apply the signatures, no changes can be made. You will need to return to the Validate and Lock Data screen and select the option to Unlock Illustration Data and Cancel e-Signature Process.

How to Retrieve the Signed Illustration

After the illustration has been signed, if you need to retrieve the signed illustration, begin under My Cases. You will see a Status of Locked-Completed.

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