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Agent Information

Your Producer ID, first and last name, phone number (where available) and e-mail (where available) will pre-populate based on your SalesLink log-in. You have the option to edit your phone number and/or email for the application. Please note: Updating your phone number or e-mail on the e-application will not update your contact information on SalesLink or in the F&G system. You must contact F&G contracting & licensing should you need to request an update to your contact information.

Indicate the correct “Split %” for this application. If you are the only writing agent on the application, enter 100.

If there is more than one agent writing the case, enter all information in the appropriate section. Producer ID, first name & last name are all required to proceed. Indicate the correct split on the corresponding line for each agent (i.e. 50 & 50). The total must equal 100%.

After you click “Validate” there may be a delay while the validation is running. This process can take up to 60 seconds. Please do not click “Validate” again, or back out of the application. You will see a pop-up indicating you are approved to proceed with the application once the validation is complete. If there is an issue with the validation, you will receive a pop-up notifying you of this. Should you have any questions about your eligibility to continue taking the application, please contact F&G contracting at 800-445-6758, option 4.

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