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e-App FAQs

  • Do I need to be appointed with F&G to submit a life e-App?
    Yes, in order to submit a life e-App you must have an active life contract with F&G and the appropriate state appointments completed.
  • I have completed the application but am not able to submit – help!
    There are a couple of reasons you may have this issue:
    • Incomplete information:
      Check to ensure that all required questions and sections are completed. The easiest way to do this is to use the “Open/Close” drop-down navigate on the left side to navigate to the appropriate section – it looks like this . Any pages or sections with incomplete questions will be shown in red, allowing you to jump directly to that page. The question or missing information on the selected page will also be highlighted in red.
    • Agent validation:
      If you received an ERROR during the agent validation process, this is an indication that due to a contracting or licensing requirement you are not currently able to submit this application. Contact our contracting team at 800-445-6758, option 4 to obtain specific information on what is necessary in order for you to submit.
    • Application number:
      After filling out the application and prior to collecting signatures, you will be prompted to “Generate Application Number” and also to check off a box indicating that you have generated the application number. Ensure these steps are complete.
  • Can I view/print my completed application after submission?
    Yes! On the main screen for your e-Apps, you will see a list of any applications you have started or completed through e-App. Select the application you wish to view and then go to “Other Actions.” By selecting “Display/Print PDF” on the drop-down menu, you have the ability to see and download the completed application to save, print or send to your marketing organization, as needed.
  • Do I need to submit an illustration with the application?
    We encourage you to submit a signed illustration with all applications. You will have the option to upload an unsigned illustration, which will be signed through the e-App signature process. Alternately, you can attach a signed illustration, with wet signatures collected in advance or signatures obtained through the e-sign capabilities on our illustration software. In California, all applications must be accompanied by all pages of a signed and dated illustration. In other states, you will be presented with the option to complete a Statement in Lieu of an Illustration.
  • How do I use e-signature on the application or illustration?
    You must use the e-signature feature within the e-App or within the F&G website illustration software should you wish to collect an electronic signature from your client. We are not able to accept e-signatures utilizing any other tool outside of the F&G-approved technology (that which is automatically available on the e-App and illustration software). For example, signatures captured on a tablet and copied/pasted into the application will not be accepted. “DocuSign”, “Adobe-Sign”, copy/paste or any other means of collecting an electronic signature is not currently approved by F&G and cannot be accepted on e-App or paper applications
  • I am trying to complete the “agent validation” and received an error in red text stating there is an issue with the agent code. What do I do?
    Please contact our contracting team at 800-445-6758, option 4 to determine what is needed in order to complete the requirements necessary to submit the e-App. You can choose to proceed with the application and complete the forms with your client, but you will not be able to submit the application until you receive clearance from contracting and can complete the agent validation successfully.
  • I am taking an application on a juvenile who does not yet have state-issued identification, and I am required to enter identification information (Part I, page 1) in order to submit the application. What do I do?
    Please enter “child – no ID” or “juvenile – no ID” in the driver’s license field, and indicate the insured’s resident state in the drop-down menu. You must complete this section, but you are able to provide a statement indicating that the applicant is a child with no driver’s license. If the juvenile is of legal driving age (16 in most states) and has a driver’s license, this information is required.
  • I have an application with a 1035 transfer. Do I need to do anything differently when using e-App or e-signature through e-App?
    When you complete the existing insurance and replacement sections of the application, ensure you have included all the correct information about the existing coverage and 1035. This will trigger the F&G required forms for 1035, which must be completed. Some carriers do require “wet signatures” on the Absolute Assignment form, and some carriers may have their own specific requirements. You or your client must contact the existing carrier to determine any additional forms, and determine if they require a “wet signature.” F&G will not be able to advise you of the specific requirements of any other carriers prior to submission. Should the existing carrier have any specified requirements, ensure these are collected and mailed to F&G (including the application number), or upload with the e-app. If the existing carrier needs original documents, the form must be mailed to F&G.
  • I need to make a change to information entered in the e-App, how can I do this?
    As long as the signature section has not been initiated, you are able to navigate back to the section to make any necessary changes. If you realize a change is needed after you have collected the signatures, you will need to “unlock” the application by going to “Other Actions” in order to make changes. You will then be required to collect new signatures after making the necessary changes. Please ensure all information is complete and accurate on the application prior to submission.
  • When will my e-App be processed?
    The e-App will be transmitted to F&G upon successful submission. We will work to enter the application in 24-48 hours, at which time it will be visible under My Business > New Business in SalesLink.
  • How do I identify my client’s application on e-App once I have started or completed it?
    On the home screen for the e-App, you will see listed all of your activity (started or completed applications) using our e-App platform. This is not a list of your pending business, which can be viewed on SalesLink under My Business > New Business. In order to assist with easy identification of which application belongs to which client, rename the file as you begin (“create”) the e-application utilizing the client’s name or other identifying information. This would need to be done at the time you begin an application (as shown below) as the name of the e-App file cannot be altered after you click “create.”

  • Does my client need an email address to apply using e-App?
    Yes. If your client has elected to complete a life insurance application with you using the e-App platform, they must have the ability to receive communications electronically. There are many free email vendors available on the Internet if your client does not currently have an email address. The agent's email address cannot be used as the client's email address.
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