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Proceed through all required signatures for client (owner, insured, payor, etc.) and agent. The client’s identifying information must be verified and completed in the “Client Identification Verification” screen.

The client will be prompted to review all necessary sections and indicate that he/she has reviewed and agrees to the terms expressed within the application documents. Please note: an individual will be required to acknowledge each section of the application separately for each role. For example, if the owner and insured are the same person, he/she will be prompted twice to acknowledge the pages of the application where a signature is needed (once as insured, and once as owner).

When capturing the electronic signature, we will accept the typed out name, or the client may use the touchpad or mouse to complete the signature. You also have the option to send an email request to the client to complete the signature. The agent signature is required on the e-app, this cannot be requested via email. If an email is sent to the client requesting the signature, he/she will receive a link and need to log in to review the application and complete the signature.

If the same person is the Owner, Insured and Payor select all that match. If each person is a different individual only select the ones that apply

Your client will have two options to sign: 1.

Or 2.

You will be guided through the same steps of acknowledging the sections of the application which require an agent’s signature.

Please note: Your client will need to sign the application with their full legal name, as entered on the application forms. For instance, Robert cannot sign as “Rob” or “Bob”. Similarly, a client with hyphenated or multiple surnames must include all of those names in their signature. We will be unable to accept the application if the name signed on the application does not match exactly the client’s legal name and as entered on the application forms.

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